James A. Lamancusa

A Family Business

James is not only a dedicated accountant, tax preparer and financial consultant, but he is a devoted husband and father. He and wife Daryl are the proud parents of three beautiful children and you can see in their faces that family is everything. James is truly a family man, and when he is not hard at work on your finances, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Most of us understand choosing an accountant is like choosing a new business partner. In a way, it’s like a marriage - so to speak. You have to have the right accountant and feel they are a trusted partner you can depend on, who offers advice and guidance as your personal and/or small business grows. James A. Lamancusa, CPA is the right partner for you.

It's in your family and/or business’s best interests to have an accomplished, competent person handling one of the most important areas of your life – your finances. James is that right person and will save you money and time year after year. This is important as working hard for your assets deserves an CPA who knows that every penny counts.

Don't Stress This Tax Season

OK, we all know so many people who begin to STRESS during tax season. Let us at James A. Lamancusa take away the stress for you. We believe in the old saying, “Time is Valuable”, so we value your time.

James is a CPA with extensive tax preparation experience. He recommends the following so he can do the best to get your taxes ready for filing:

Be Organized: In order to do the job right, James suggests you have all the right tax documents at hand well ahead of time – preferably organized. You want to maximize your tax deductions and get your return filed before the deadline to avoid penalties.

Understand Timing: We encourage all to be realistic about filing in a timely manor. This is an incredibly busy time of year so James may need a few weeks to finalize your tax return. He recommends clients to get their taxes to him early and is actually to receive them right now. James will work diligently to get your taxes prepared and filed in a timely manor, so his philosophy is like a partnership, we have to work together.

Final Considerations: When hiring any tax preparer to prepare your taxes, you assume the ultimate responsibility for tax filings. James asks that you do the best you can to file all documents at once and include everything. When taxes “trickle in” and/or a client fails to disclose important tax information, it could put you at risk for an audit adjustment.